Our Story

By Hand Bespoke was started in Ingoldsby, UK by designer & creator, Austin Harrison back in early 2002 with a few hand tools and an old work bench.

From these humble beginnings, a small workshop was established and he produced everything from dining & coffee tables to beds and coat stands for clients.

In 2013, Austin moved to the United States, got married and became a citizen before re-building a woodshop and continuing the business in Chapel Hill, NC.


"My designs are typically contemorary; with clean lines and natural finishes, intended to accentuate the natural beauty of the hardwood being used." - Austin Harrison


The aesthetics and beauty of the furniture you surround yourself with make a difference to how you feel every day in your home as you use them so frequently. That's why the form of the furniture we design is so important to us; not just its utility. Our designs typically have a minimal, contemporary European feel to them.

The utility of a piece of furniture is also important, especially if it is going to be with you your whole life, or become an heirloom piece you pass down to your children or grandchildren. The functional details that make a piece a pleasure to use are important to us.


Our NC based supplier provides a wide range of hardwoods from which to choose, including oak, ash, walnut, cherry, maple and beech. Exotic species are also available, although we prefer the sustainability of hardwoods harvested from managed US forests.


We only use non-toxic finishes on our furniture as many of them come into contact with food. We primarily use Rubio Monocoat and Osmo Polyx; both of which are manufactured from plant-based and linseed oils. Other finishes are often solvent based, or chemically derived, and can off-gas in your home for years, degrading the quality of air you breathe. All of our products that come into direct contact with food, such as chopping boards, use food grade mineral spirits to seal and finish them.

Wood for Wells

2% of all our sales help build wells in some of the world’s poorest settings, allowing people to access clean water and reduce the disease burden in their communities. By buying from us, you not only get robust, sustainable, non-toxic furniture, you also get to feel good knowing you are helping people to help themselves out of poverty.

For more about projects we donate to, please visit charity:water and Nehemiah Construction Ministries UK

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